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2018 AYL Softball Fall Classic


Coaches, Players & Families-

Final league play should commence (9/15 for AA & 9/22 for Comp) so please make sure that any scores you have are put into the system by end of the day. Once all of the scores are updated we can begin our work to seed and finish the online brackets for tournament play starting on 9/22 (AA) & 9/23 (Comp). Once in the tournament the umpires will report all of the game scores to the AYL and the scores will move the teams in the brackets. As always, please double check the system prior to going to your games.

Teams should be prepared to play all four days (9/22, 9/23, 9/29 & 9/30 AA & Comp) all day for the double elimination tournament. 

To view the brackets (see below short cut link) or you can go to your age/division and then click on the "Tournament Brackets" on the left hand side menu.

Should you have questions about this the tournament you should contact your member club delegate. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and best of luck in the tournament.

Click here to view tournament rules.

Click here to view Aurora Sports Complex rules.


AYL Softball Board


8AA Bracket Short Cut 10 Comp Bracket Short Cut

2018 AYL Fall Classic Bracket Short Cuts  
10AA Bracket Short Cut 12 Comp Bracket Short Cut
12-14AA Bracket Short Cut 14 Comp Bracket Short Cut

posted 09/05/2018
Welcome to AYL Softball 2018!

Welcome back to the 2018 AYL softball season!


We will be kicking off the season with our AA league games starting on August 4, 2018.  This year the AA level will again play 10 league games and a 2 game double elimination tournament ending on 9/29 & 9/30/18.


For our COMP league games we will be starting league games on August 18, 2018.  This year the COMP level will play 10 league games and 2 game tournament on 9/29 & 9/30/18.


Check back soon for more information, schedules and updated rules.  Thanks for participating and best of luck to all teams!

posted 04/26/2018
Score Reporting

To post your score you must first be on the AYL Softball website then click on the "Log in" in the upper right part of the horizontal menu bar.  Once there enter your full user name and the password provided by the league.  Then click "Enter Game Results" (located on the Admin Features Page).  Remember scores must be reported within 48 hours of game completion.
posted 08/09/2012
AYL goes mandatory concussion for training for all coaches!
It is now mandatory that all coaches that coach in the AYL must take the NFHS Concussion Class.  For more info click on Senate Bill 40 click the menu button to the left or to take the certification class now click here.

posted 04/19/2011
Game/Weather Info
Generally we update/post the
"Today's Game Field Status" indicator (located below) by 7am on Saturdays and Sundays. As a good practice you should check this area after the stated times.

Green = The game is on/open
Yellow = Check your team schedule
Red = The game is off/closed

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